Our excellent quality of work speaks for itself but it never hurts to know that our customers feel the exact same way!

Below are just a few of the kind words shared with us over the years:

I am a happy man sitting on our new awesome porch. It came out great. Sunny, airy, great floor, and feels like I am outside. Please put me on your list of happy customers...You guys also passed the critical test which is that my wife says “these guys are great and they are fun to have around.

- Robert S.

[You] did an excellent job. Thank you for the attention and prompt response to my siding job. I will keep you in mind for future projects.

- Charlie

I sincerely appreciate your fine work and excellent business model. You are the best person I have dealt with yet for plowing . You seriously have your act together, unlike anyone else in this area.

- Cathy F.

I watched this company work on my neighbor's house in a nice neighborhood. I couldn't believe how clean the property was every night this crew left the job. You would hardly know they were there at the end of the day. The house trim and flashing looked perfect and I know I would hire them in a heartbeat if I need repairs.

- Julie M.

Hadden Fine Carpentry raises the bar for quality home construction. From insulation and moisture control expertise right down to the interior trims and finishes, the attention to detail is absolutely incredible. My family and I are so proud to be able to call one of their homes our home.

- M. Harrington

The door to the porch is really fantastic, and I was impressed with the work and enjoyed watching it happen. Professional, top-notch work, and always ready to answer my questions and help me learn about my house as he did the job. At the end, it looked like nobody had even been here making a mess. I couldn't be there Friday when he stopped in to finish up the trim etc. and I was just thrilled to come home to everything finished, all the trash/old stuff gone and just a lovely new door staring back at me. I had forgotten about the trim going on the basement door and was so pleased to see that all finished too.

It's been a pleasure to work with Hadden Fine Carpentry, and I'm sure we'll be working with you again in the future.

- Sarah

I have to say this process went really smoothly with a great, high-quality outcome. All of the crew were pleasant to work with.

- Bob & Lorraine

I am thoroughly pleased with the workmanship, knowledge, and attention to detail that your crew displayed while they were here. Barrington is fortunate to have such a talented and personable team helping townspeople like me maintain and improve their homes. I have nothing but accolades for this company and will definitely continue to reach out for any further building needs.

- Suzanne

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to your team. Joe and company have all been so kind, polite, neat and clean...and I like clean. I admire and appreciate how hard they ALL work. I know we still have a bit more to do here, but it couldn't go unsaid much longer. My home is looking quite fabulous!!

- Fawn